Remembering Daisy Coleman – Suicide Awareness

Have you seen the Audrie & Daisy documentary online or on Netflix? Please watch it before reading this blog post.  If you have experienced law enforcement and the court ignoring victims, the documentary clearly shows how a community will go to no end to protect perpetrators rather than stand for justice for the victims.  I understand the implications of arresting teenagers on the brink of adulthood but ignoring the injustice with NO consequences sends a message to every single boy, young man, adult man, and old man that they are above the law.

This mentality infects all areas of law.  This mentality impacts family law daily.  The courts will not stand up for what is right because protecting the perpetrator and saving the reputation of the one at fault is more important which seriously degrades the human psyche exposed to such injustice (the victim, the person that is the perpetrator and the community in which they live).

Why can’t our justice system be dismantled and put back together again, so there’s justice for these families without destroying the community?

Why aren’t police officers on mandatory counseling for the situations they must deal with, so they are not desensitized by the filth they are exposed to? 

What about community service hours even if a court of law cannot charge a perpetrator with a crime because “evidence” was deleted?  Not that this consequence is even close to bringing justice to such a terrible crime, but at least it is something.  At least these men cannot go about their life like nothing happened.

Remember Daisy Coleman. Her life means something, but her passing means just as much. Stop protecting perpetrators and start standing up for what’s right. End sexual assault. It starts with us. #sucideawareness #sexualassualt

I do not know Daisy or the other victims, but I sobbed like I knew them after watching their story unfold.  I sobbed for my situation and other moms that have experienced what I have experienced in divorce court. My anger boiled at the sheriff in Maryville, Missouri.  The video footage shows the sheriff asking for the boy’s phone and the sheriff jokingly says he does not know how to turn it off.  Conveniently the video is deleted and “irretrievable,” and the phone mysteriously goes missing.  I certainly hope that sheriff is fired for screwing up a case…  I bet he is still sheriff in Maryville.  Judging by the sheriff’s suspicious demeanor, I bet he saw the video before the young man was arrested.  Daisy’s mom said when the charges were dropped by the District Attorney, she knew this was deeper than just one incident.  To make matters worse, the attorney representing Daisy Coleman, sided with the establishment.  There was no justice for Daisy.

Life is forever changed for these young women, because of the violence, technology and how fast information spreads.  The psychological harm done to victims who have experienced sexual assault is devastating and is almost worst than murder, because they must live with the pain each day.  Please support the organization that Daisy helped establish Safe Before Anyone Else.

Author: fyidivorce

Hello! You can call me the Straight Shooter. Too many divorce resources come from a family law perspective; my goal is to provide divorce tips with no sugarcoating. I've chosen Straight Shooter as my alias to keep things on topic and define my tone in all posts and comments. Looking forward to open dialogue about divorce.

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